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Our firm has never lost a trial

Over 2,000 cases resolved

We passionately protect our clients with expert counsel. Offering solutions that are affordable, efficient and excellent, Cross & Associates is unparalleled in talent & effort. We strive to make you feel safe & comfortable during the entire process. As well, we pride ourselves on maintaining 100% confidentiality for each of our clients.

Cross & Associates is the leader for criminal law in Northern California. We will protect you aggressively to ensure the best outcome. We've had cases involving everything from DUIs to drug charges where the cases have been dismissed, charges dropped, and/or sentences reduced. There is not another law firm with our track record.

We promise to fight relentlessly to bring you the best solution. We are honest and forthright when guiding you through all of the options. No one will make you feel more secure than Cross & Associates.

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