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Justice Is Served: Cases When You Need to Hire a Lawyer

We have heard of the famous line from Shakespeare’s Henry VI that says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” This has been misinterpreted that lawyers are evil and should be eliminated for such. But when we look at the context, this proposal was stated by a henchman, Dick the Butcher, while engaged in a conversation with Jack Cade—a pretender to the throne. Thus, Shakespeare was paying homage to lawyers since he portrayed that the first thing any brewing tyrant must do is remove freedom—by killing the defenders of democracy and administrators of justice.

Today, many people still hold a stigma towards lawyers. Regardless of such perception, there will be times that we will need the service of one. Here are some situations when professional legal services are required:


Aside from the pain and frustration one has to deal with when wedding vows are no longer honored, divorce also entails an arduous legal process. A lawyer is needed when two people decide to part ways for not seeing eye to eye. A divorce lawyer helps ease emotional stress since a divorce attorney takes into account your emotional needs and presents options. One will also help you with an agreement that you can be certain is for your best interest. With legal assistance, you can receive your fair share in your joint wealth, fight for child custody, and fight for your rights.


No one ever wants to be named a defendant nor a plaintiff in a court case. However, getting the services of a litigation attorney is the way to go if you ever find yourself or your loved one needing to face a legal dispute. Never go to court without a lawyer, especially you are the respondent. Trial lawyers will help you identify claims, defenses, pitfalls, and courses of action. They will help you get the most compensation or best relief for your situation.


Real estate

When you talk about real estate, you consider a huge sum of money that will either go out or into your pockets. Since you might be putting your life savings or a great portion of your wealth when purchasing, you’ll need a real estate lawyer who can enlighten you with all the parts and fine prints in the agreement. If you are positioned at the other end, selling is just as laborious. There are available legal drafts only. Still, a real estate attorney will help you negotiate and renegotiate the terms until you arrive at the middle ground, which can still be favorable to you. Since property laws differ from state to state, hiring a real estate attorney to assist with the corresponding process and assist in property issues is better.

Estate planning

You wouldn’t want the assets you have worked for your whole life to fall into the wrong hands. You need not worry since you simply have to find a trustworthy estate planning lawyer who will help you come up with an intricate and secure will. One can also help you set up the trust so that your chosen beneficiaries no longer need to undergo the probate process and be spared high estate taxes.

Labor disputes

Regardless of the relationships formed within a workplace, it all still boils down to what it is—business. And before giving or hiring services, agreements are signed, so you can always go back to it. However, labor disputes can sometimes be inevitable, so you have to determine where you stand and what your rights are. If you have been stripped off of your position without a just cause, consult an employment lawyer so that you can be reinstated and get the compensation and payment for damages. The same goes for being treated unjustly, sexually harassed, or other forms of injustice in the workplace. When you are involved in a workplace accident because of your high-risk duty, a lawyer can also help you get claims and other financial assistance during your recovery.

If you are an employer, hiring a labor lawyer is just as important since, despite knowing that you have every right to terminate an employee, they may still come back right at you with wrongful termination or other cases.

There are cases when lawyers are not needed, such as in small claims, driving under the influence of alcohol, and traffic violation cases. In addition, laws are accessible online. However, laws are filled with legal jargon and have different applications in certain court cases. If you ever need one, make sure to find lawyers with a good reputation and are concerned about serving people justice.

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