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Getting Divorced? Don’t Just Hire Any Lawyer

The sadness, guilt, hatred, and other emotions you might feel during your divorce can affect your thinking and decision-making process. This is why it is always advisable to have the right legal professional on your side not just to protect your rights, but also guide your actions. This can relieve some of the stress you’re dealing with and help the process go smoothly.

Where to get legal advice/representation

Hiring a lawyer is a smart move, but do take note that you cannot just hire any lawyer to handle your divorce case. It is vital to choose the right attorney from the start to avoid costly mistakes, which includes finding and replacing the one you hire initially. You need to have someone who focuses on divorce/family law and understands the divorce laws in your states.

What about friends and families

Colorado Springs divorce lawyers note that you cannot just call a family or friend to get legal advice. This is true even if they are intelligent or highly successful individuals. Unless they are divorce lawyer by profession, you need someone who is a trained family attorney with experience in handling issues relating to your marital dissolution such as property division, child custody/ support, and others.

Why avoid the easy route

Choosing an attorney who is not an expert on family law can backfire and then cost you. It can somehow be compared to getting advice from friends who know nothing about complicated divorce laws. Someone who has gone through a divorce may easily compare their case to you, but you have to remember that no two divorces are alike.

Couple's Fighting For Money Over The Divorce Agreement With Gold Wedding Rings

Say “no” to DIY divorce

Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are hoping to part as friends, you cannot just assume that you can handle all the matters on your own. The same is also true for asking a friend (who have no experience in divorce law) to help you. It is best to have an attorney, especially if you and your partner disagree on custody, property divorce, alimony, and others.

Opposing parties mean opposite lawyers

If your spouse has a lawyer, you need to have one too, even if you think that you’ll have an amicable divorce. Both of you cannot have the same attorney, as (the two of) you are opposing parties in the case. You need someone who will be 100% on your side, look out for your best interest, and advise to you whatever concerns you have during the proceedings.

The process can last longer than you expect

Divorce is complicated, and nothing like those you see in movies or reality television. The process will not just take 30 minutes or an hour, as it can sometimes last for several months or more. This is why you need an experienced divorce attorney who can help you navigate the entire process. S/he will also prevent you from doing things that can turn the settlement against your favor.

It can be tempting to hire just any lawyer you know or take the advice of your well-intentioned family and friends. This, however, is not the best move, as it will always protect your rights and support your best interest.  You need to find a divorce lawyer that you trust and feel comfortable working with.

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