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How Do You Move on from a Loved One’s Death?

Death is not just the end of a person’s life. For those who have been left behind, losing someone might feel like the end of their life as well. To a certain degree, maybe it is.

Your lifestyle — as you know it — will change drastically now that their loved one is gone, but you’re still alive, and your loved one would want you to move on. But how can you do that?

Getting Closure

Few hardships in life compare to the feeling of loss when someone close to you has passed away. You may not want to do anything following the news, and it can be hard to let your emotions out when you’re dealing with the funeral arrangements. This doesn’t make the grief go away, but the situation makes it hard to express. It’s even harder if you have so many questions about the death of your loved one.

If the death was due to an unexpected circumstance in Los Angeles or anywhere else, getting closure might require you to get help from a wrongful death lawyer. Don’t let this wait for too long, though, so you can move forward. No one can blame you for wanting to get closure or starting over in a new place where negative memories will not haunt you.

Revisiting Your Goals

Maybe you made plans with your loved one, and now that they’re gone, you feel aimless. You don’t know how to proceed with your life because you always thought they would be there to help you figure it out. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out as soon as your loved one has been buried.

Give yourself time to get used to their absence, but don’t put your life on hold just because of their death. They would want you to move on, and part of that is revisiting your goals. As painful as it may sound, you have to take them out of the equation. Think of it as gaining freedom instead of losing it. Your love for them will survive if you keep them in your memory and honor their wishes, even if that means you do things your way from now on.

Remembering the Past

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They have passed on, but their memory will live on if you remember the past. Say goodbye to them without forgetting them completely. Take something of theirs that will remind you of fond memories.

Do something you have been planning to do together, and remember them while you’re doing it. Eat their favorite food or introduce your friends to their favorite places. You are living your life, but you are not erasing them from it. You may find it hard to strike a balance at first, and that’s okay. Take it one day at a time. Soon enough, you’ll wake up without feeling like a big chunk of your life is missing.

Your loved one’s death is not your death too. Grieve, move on, and move forward without letting their loss stop you from doing what you love.

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