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What to Do if Your Wage Has Not Increased in the Last 5 Years

It’s not easy to save money. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, what you earn is just not enough. Even in Washington, everyone from truck drivers to executives might need more money to afford their current lifestyle and have enough funds to save. It doesn’t help if a salary increase is not even the priority of your company.

Tired of waiting around? Maybe you can do the following:

Get Legal Advice

Before you tell yourself it’s not a big deal and you will just wait for your employer to give you a raise in their own time, look at your bank account. When did you last make a transaction that’s not a withdrawal? You’ll never know if you can get an increase right now if you don’t ask.

It’s understandable that you may feel intimidated to go straight to your employer, but if it has been years and the cost of living has changed drastically, it’s about time you consult a truck labor lawyer to know your options in Washington. This doesn’t mean that things will get ugly, though. If you present your case and your employer sees their oversight, you’ll get that increase in no time. But, again, none of that will happen if you sit around and wait.

Ask for a Raise

Employees are expected to do more to be noticed. There’s an unspoken rule of competition. At healthy levels, this helps the company thrive. When you’ve been breaking your back and taking more workload than you can handle, but your employer has grown to expect your cooperation (with no complaints) without compensating you fairly for it, then it’s like getting the responsibilities that come with a promotion without the raise.

Now, that doesn’t sound fair, does it? If you know you’re handling your job well and you’re juggling other responsibilities, remind your employer about them. That assertiveness might just push you to finally get the appraised salary you deserve.

Look for a New Opportunity

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You’ve done your best and waited for your employer to notice you. You’ve flat-out asked them for an appraisal, yet they refused. They said it might be possible in the future, but your expenses need your attention now. If despite the rising cost of living you still haven’t gotten a sufficient raise to live a decent life, maybe it’s time to move on to a better company.

Don’t tender your resignation until you’ve found a new job, though. Be ready with a plan so you will not dip further into your savings. Look for a job that’s able to pay you better than what you currently earn, then give notice to your company. You may be leaving them, but you’ll still want to leave in a professional manner so they will not hesitate to give you a glowing recommendation.

A job is supposed to help you secure your future. That means having enough to save steadily while still living a decent life. If that’s not happening with your current salary, something’s got to change.

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