Questions to Ask a Workers Comp Attorney

When you’re deciding whether a lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation, there are only two questions you may want to ask yourself before you make that call. Firstly, you should ask if you were injured at work. If that’s the case, you should call a worker’s comp attorney according to the video “Should You Get A Workers’ Comp Attorney?” by MichaelBurgis. Once you’ve decided to call a worker’s compensation attorney, it’s time to ask them the questions that will help you determine whether they’re the right attorney for you.

If you’re not used to working with attorneys, you might think that any attorney will do.

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As a result, you should confirm with any attorney you call that they specialize in worker’s compensation. If they work with folks on personal injury claims, they may either have some experience with worker’s compensation cases or they may have someone in their network to whom they could refer you. After you’ve confirmed that an attorney specializes in this area of law, it’s time to ask the harder questions. You should question them on their rates and how they bill for services. You should also ask about the types of cases they’ve worked on in the past and how much overall experience they have. Look over reviews of a workers comp attorney before hiring them.

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