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Laws That Govern Technology Use: How to Ensure Technology is Used Responsibly

The laws that govern technology use are constantly changing. However, there are laws in place now to ensure that technology is being used responsibly. These laws include the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Software as a Service Agreements (SAAS), and many more. These laws aim to guarantee that technology is not being used illegally and for malicious purposes. People simply have to approach providers for GDPR and SAAS or consult with professionals to guarantee that laws will be implemented properly.

The main reason that these laws exist is that technology is not always being used in ethical or responsible ways. Many companies and individuals are using technology to their advantage but oftentimes do so without thinking about how it affects others. This can lead to unethical behavior, which can be harmful to other people. Therefore, laws exist to make sure that technology is being used in ethical ways all the time.

The Laws that Govern the Use of Technology

Technology laws are different from country to country, but the laws that govern technology use most often exist at a national level. An example of this would be COPPA which was created by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The laws focus on protecting children online when it comes to privacy and data protection laws.

In order to ensure that laws are being used ethically, it is important for companies and organizations to have a code of conduct. This includes employees as well as outside parties such as consumers who will be using the technology created by an organization. Code of conduct should apply to everyone involved with the creation or use of technology. This way, laws are not being used to the wrong ends.

Another law that governs technology is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which was created in 1986. This law covers laws that protect users from unauthorized computer access such as stealing information, causing damage to a system, or denying service to an authorized user of a system.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in 1998 and it gives protection to websites that store information online. It also creates laws for people who want to break the law through technology such as circumventing access control or violating the copyright of software. Without this law, it would be easy for any website to hack into a system.

These laws might seem overwhelming, but they can help protect technology from being used maliciously. It also helps the government understand how best to regulate laws that cover technology. This way, laws can be enforced to protect all people in society.

The Dangers of Using Technology Irresponsibly

Without laws to govern technology, it would be easy for technology to be used maliciously. For example, laws protect people from criminals who use the Internet to commit a crime such as selling drugs or sharing child pornography images.

The laws also ensure that companies are ethically responsible in how they store and make money off personal information about their customers. Technology has changed our lives but it is important that laws protect us from its misuse.

The laws to govern technology are not the same in every country, so it is important for people everywhere to understand how best to regulate laws that cover technology use. Below are the dangers of using technology irresponsibly:

  • It can lead to crimes

Crimes like identity theft, terrorism, and cyberbullying can all be committed if laws aren’t put in place to regulate technology use. In many ways, laws have not caught up with how people are using technology because it is a relatively new invention that has changed the way we live life. There need to be stronger laws put into place so companies cannot exploit people just to profit from them.

  • Endangering people’s lives

When used irresponsibly, technology can compromise people’s lives. For instance, cyberbullying has led to increased rates of suicides, especially in young adults. People’s bank accounts can be hacked which can lead to identity theft and fraud, while terrorist attacks have been carried out using technology as a weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, the government has to put laws into place to prevent people from using technology in a way that jeopardizes or endangers other people’s lives.

  • Spreading false information

Nowadays, people tend to believe any information that they can access on the Internet, even if it is false. This has led to an increase in fake news which not only distorts people’s views but also puts other people’s lives at risk. For instance, misinformation regarding vaccines causing autism caused a decrease in immunization rates and consequently led to an outbreak of measles. As a result, laws had to be put in place so that people would not easily believe false information.

Controlling Technology Use

In the past, laws didn’t govern how people used technology because it was not as widely used as it has become today. At present, a lot of people have become reliant on technology especially when it comes to their jobs. As a result, laws have been created to ensure that technology is being used responsibly. Without the law, it would be difficult to ensure responsible use of technology.

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