Heres What the Role of a Criminal Attorney Is

Anyone who watches actors portray legal defense teams and let’s be honest, crime television has been a massive hit for decades now, is likely to develop some erroneous ideas about what exactly it is that a criminal attorney does. In other words, the role of a criminal defense attorney or team isn’t exactly like it is often and normally portrayed in various programs, movies, and TV. It is also that same topic, what a criminal defense lawyer does, that the attached video investigates.

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So, what is the role of a criminal attorney? The answer might be more simple than you think.

Anytime anyone is charged with a criminal offense, they have the right to defend themselves. Furthermore, those who don’t deny their guilt, plead guilty, or who are found guilty in a court of law, also have rights. Protecting those rights, before, during, and after a case or trial, is also the definitive role of every criminal defense attorney. In some cases, that might look like arguing for a fair sentence, while in other scenarios, it may be a matter of convincing a jury of their client’s innocence, but the goal is always the same, to protect the rights of their clients. Yes, it is easy to make defense attorneys the bad guys, but the truth is, they are actually the good guys. The defense rests.

The answer might be more simple than you think

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