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Common Forms of Relief for Unfair Dismissal

Most people will ordinarily give their all to their job. Keeping your end of the bargain in an employment contract and maximizing your employer’s returns is nonetheless not a guarantee for your job security. At times, you might still get a dismissal even with no plausible cause. Most people choose to take this lying down and focus their energies on another job opportunity. Considering other job opportunities is essential, but this should not keep you from getting justice when you have been unfairly dismissed.

Getting mediation employment attorneys to handle your case is your best avenue to getting relief for the loss you might have suffered. In mediation, you and your lawyer and the legal team from your former employer will deliberate on the best options to remedy your unfair dismissal. The following are a few legal remedies the attorney might pursue.


In this option, an employer will reinstate you to your previous position. Even so, in most cases, you will not be compensated for the days you missed work after your dismissal. You will often sign a new contract though you have room to negotiate favorable terms. These terms should minimize the risk of unfair dismissal in the future and workplace discrimination because of the suit you filed against your employer.


With this form of relief, you will continue your work as if the dismissal never happened. Unlike in reinstatement, you do not sign a new contract. While this might look like it will not protect you as much in the future, continuity will recompense you for the pay you have not received during the dismissal period. It thus might prove favorable in getting you into good financial standing.

Monetary Settlement

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This is the most common relief in unfair dismissal cases. In this compensation, your employer agrees to repay you for the lost wages and other financial losses you have incurred following a dismissal. The amount often takes into account the amount of money you would have made and any expenses you have incurred resulting from the dismissal. Even so, you can also pursue compensation for any job opportunities you have missed because of an unfair dismissal claim.

A Written Statement of Service

Sometimes a dismissed employee only wants a chance to move on with his/her life. Unfair dismissal typically entails a statement from your employer on the cause of your dismissal. This might not paint you in the best light to another employer. You can get relief in the form of a flawlessly written statement of service depicting your contribution to a company for the time you worked there. This is the best choice if you want to seek employment elsewhere.

Multiple forms of relief from the above can, at times, be awarded to one plaintiff. Do not dismiss your case, believing that your employer has a high-level legal representation that you cannot match without funds. You can get the best lawyer and reach an agreement that works best for you on how his/her fee will be paid. At times, the courts might order your employer to foot your legal costs.

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