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Protecting Your Child: How Safe Are They?

As parents or teachers, people should know what to do or already have established plans when raising their children. There are risks and hard decisions to make, and those decisions can affect your children.

Parents are the first teacher of their children. So how parents behave and how they interact is still crucial for the children’s development.

Parents and teachers must know how to avoid abuse and stop it when it comes to abuse. Protect the children from any harm and teach them how to defend themselves.

Here are ways to protect your children from abuse:

Understand the nature of abuse.

There are different kinds of child abuse, and all of them lead to one reason, negligence. Parents must all know that children are still fragile and will absorb everything they see, affecting the children’s growth. So keep in mind that parents must always be at their sides since the children are still dependent on them.

Be involved in your child’s interests.

If possible, always get involved in any activities your children are into. Go to their soccer match, to their practices, or their recital so that you will make sure of their safety. If you are a single parent, make sure to enforce child support from the other parent who neglected your child. It is not for your best interests but the interests and welfare of the child.

Provide a safe space at home.

Educating yourself about the actual problem and the steps you can take to facilitate children who come forward with abuse is the first step toward providing a safe space for children.

It is a must that parents can provide a safe space at home, so their children can be open with them. This will improve the communication in the family. As well as enhancing the relationship that can help avoid circumstances that lead to abuse.

Do not entertain strangers.

Not talking to strangers is an old piece of advice to the children, and it is effective. Constantly teach and remind your child to never talk to strangers. Make sure to teach your kids about Stranger Danger.

You have to encourage your kids to assess a situation and look for the nearest help, like police or a traffic enforcer.

Hire a trusty nanny.

If parents are too busy with work, look into hiring a nanny y.ou trust and know. If there isn’t one you may have contact with, you can hire one in an organization. Some parents do interviews for the nannies, so they can know if the nanny can be trusted.

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Teach your child proper values.

Parents can be potential abusers to their children, especially when children aren’t behaving well. So to avoid that, always teach your parents to respect each other and know how to behave well.

Invest security and privacy at your home.

If you want to ensure that your children aren’t experiencing any abuse, you can add security systems to the house. Any potential abusers won’t do anything because abuse is a crime, and you can have your CCTV record as evidence.

Make sure that you have nanny cams to track down the movement of your babysitters. And ensure that they do not know where you have placed the cameras.

Children have the right to say “No”.

Children should be taught the value of their words. In this case, an example would be teaching the children that their body is like a temple and that they have the right to say no if people ask to hug, kiss, or any other form of physical touch.

Choose carefully the places where your children go.

As parents, they must be the ones to know the best schools or places where they can leave their children. You must be familiar with how the system works and whether the environment is safe for the children.

If your kids are going to a sleepover, make sure you know the parents of the kids they will have a sleepover with. Ensure that they have a guardian at all times.

Know your children.

Parents should always give time and effort to really know their children. Verbal cues are one thing, but the actions and behaviors would really tell what the children are going through. To ensure that they are okay and give help when needed, parents should know their children.

All of these can help in protecting children from abuse. May it be from avoiding reaching such circumstances and also how the children can defend themselves. It’s pretty essential to keep note of all of these to ensure the safety of the children.

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