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Have These Concerns? You Need a Family Lawyer

Family law regulates family relationships, such as marriage and divorce, children, and economic issues in the family. But just in case you are confused which lawyer you should consult for your legal problems, here are the practice areas of a family law firm in Kent and other places.


Some of the questions you can ask a family lawyer are the type of adoption—whether you’re getting an open or closed adoption, the requirements of adopting or if you’re qualified to adopt, who can be adopted, and the adoption process.


If you and your spouse or not coming to terms regarding alimony or spousal support, a family lawyer can help mediate. He or she knows how much the husband or wife should be getting or receiving based on a variety of factors.

Business Valuation

Divorcing couples should divide their properties accordingly based on state laws. If you have businesses and you don’t know how to divide assets between you and your spouse, a family lawyer can help you with the business valuation and property division.

Contempt and Enforcement

A motion for contempt is filed when your ex-spouse does not cooperate or follow the divorce agreement, such as custody plans or spousal support.

Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation

If you want divorce but would like to save money, you can opt for divorce mediation instead. During the mediation, you can ask the presence of a family lawyer to help you with the agreements, contracts, and the legalities of the procedure. This is a cheaper option for filing a divorce case in court. The presence of a family lawyer in this option is crucial because he or she understands the law and can guarantee that both parties are treated fairly.

Domestic Partners and Unmarried Couples

If you live with someone you’re unmarried to and you decide to end the relationship, spousal support does not apply. But if you have properties that you bought together, and would like to divide it afterward, you should seek help from a family lawyer. He or she can help you create a contract before the separation happens.

Name Changes

If you like to revert to your maiden name after the divorce or you like your child to carry your name instead of your spouse’s, a family lawyer can help. Or if you adopted a child and would like him or her to get your name, consulting a family lawyer is also an option.


Establishing paternity is necessary for a child’s growth and development. It can help increase a child standard of living child support, insurance coverage, or veteran payments.

Restraining Orders

A family lawyer can also help you with protective orders such as this one, whether you’re the victim or the accused of domestic violence. A family lawyer will help prove or disprove the claims you filed or filed against you.

Family law encompasses several practice areas, but all of them are related to domestic relationships—from the married couple and children to properties and everything in between. It is necessary to get legal help from someone who specializes in the conflict you have.

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