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Capitol Offenses

In California, capital punishment is currently the highest form of punishment that can be doled out by the State. As of the end of 2013, there are 741 offenders on death row, twenty of whom are women.

There is a long list of capital offenses which, if convicted, may warrant the death penalty. However, each offense is specific and nuanced, and much must be proven in order to have the death penalty laid upon you.

The first offense which qualifies as a capital offense is treason against the state of California, which is defined as planning or enacting war against California, or aiding, abetting, or otherwise aiding its enemies. The second is perjury which results in the execution of another person. Perjury is the act of lying while under oath. The third offense is murder under special circumstances. There are currently sixteen special circumstances specified by the state of California, each of which is nuanced and multifaceted, warranting a longer discussion than there is room for here. In general, murder under any circumstances should be avoided. The final offense which qualifies as a capital offense is causing a train to wreck, and that wreck resulting in the death of another.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney When Charged with a Capital Offense

Criminal defense attorneys defending a client charged with a capital offense often face a situation which would cause many to pale. On one hand, your client is accused of committing a crime so severe the state is considering the death penalty. On the other hand, you need only prove that the crime committed, if in fact any crime was committed at all, was to such a degree that it does not warrant the death penalty. A great criminal defense attorney, though, understands that the goal is not merely to bring the conviction down to something less than a capital offense, but to prove the charges against the client are false entirely. Of course this cannot often be done wholly, but aiming for the best possible outcome will often warrant results that are much better than simply trying to accomplish the smallest victory.

Our legal team here at Cross & Associates strives to achieve the greatest victory for our clients. We understand that when a person’s life is at stake, the utmost effort and dedication should be put into ensuring that every possible avenue of explanation and justification can be explored to stave off the death sentence, and gain the greatest prize of all: life.

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